May years ago when I started doing websites, I created this Manifesto. I still believe the things I wrote all those years ago, therefore I post it now as a homage to all those years gone by. I have grown, changed and evolved over the years but some things remain unchanged.

I still believe:

Disney had it right. It is a small world after all and partnering with people from every corner of it makes life interesting.

Honesty, integrity and a firm handshake are not relics of the past but the foundation of good business practice.

The world is better off when we work together for the good of the whole. Community is important.

systematic, holistic approach to business, is just good business.

My cardinal rule is the Golden Rule: treat others how you’d like to be treated. Relationships matter.

Everyone has an inner Sistine Chapel, just waiting to be discovered.

And work is not a zero sum game. Collaboration and collectives are the future of business.

big hugs,


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