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I'm Jamie


I practically teethed on computers growing up. As a young child, my mother would take me to work with her at Digital Equipment while my father, a fellow tech geek and entrepreneur, programmed in the other room.  As I grew older, my father schlepped me along with him to his Atari User Group meetings and it was in both of these environments that my love of tech and gadgets was born. 

Eventually, I would end up in the family business managing all things information systems related. In 1999, I started to dabble in web design and blogging both personally and professionally. This was back in the days when we hard coded HTML into Notepad and uploaded it to the server with FTP. I finally made my way to WordPress around 2014 and have been designing webpages on this platform ever since.

In 2006, I left the family business and headed off for Europe, where I have been living ever since. I also shifted from focusing on programming to focusing on strategic transformation and change initiatives in large multinational organizations.

Even though I have pivoted yet again, my love of technology, holistic systems design and transformation is ever present. Now I use this background and these skills to empower female entrepreneurs to quit being the Chief EVERYTHING Officer, and reallocate their time to their most impactful work while taking their businesses to the next level.

If you are interested to talk to me more about how I can support you with your start-up or transformation (growth phase), I’d love to jump on a Breakthrough Discovery Session with you.

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