12×12 February – 2023

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 1 year since I posted a 12x12s.
In fact, it seems I only actually did it once. What is it?

Well…. A 12×12 is a blogging trend that a few German-speaking friends do.
Of course in German it is called “12 von 12” meaning 12 of 12 (in reference to posting 12 photos from daily life on the 12th of the month).

To be honest, I am not quite in the habit of doing this regularly and am always forgetting it.
Luckily, Google came to my rescue today and reminded me that I should be posting this.

So here it goes.

I will remind you how the 12×12 got started, because I haven’t posted the origin story since March of last year. The original concept of a 12 von 12,  is to post 12 pictures from your “Alltag” or everyday life on the 12th of every month. While I like this concept of sharing with others a small glimpse into what our everyday lives look like “behind the scenes”, I don’t know that I am always going to be doing something interesting or photo-worthy. And Yes, I realize that is also the point but on days like today, where I did not even leave my house except to pick up my daughter from a friend’s party, I am not sure that makes for interesting reading.

Last year, I decided I also wanted to give this concept a bit more meaning or context. I am still not 100% decided where I am going to land with this, but for now I am sticking with the idea of my own version of the 12×12, I’m calling 12×12 Grateful, or the 12 things I was most grateful for since the last 12×12.



1. My Cabin

I have a small little Mobile Home Cabin on the Rhein. I bought it at the beginning of the pandemic and had been dreaming about owning one since 2015.
I am grateful for the renovation, starting to make some serious headway, as this has been a slow and laborious process.
But soon I will have a ready kitchen and a full bath and for that I am super grateful. The goals is to be ready before the season kicks off at the beginning of April. 🙂


2. Hemi

I am so grateful to my boy cat Hemi (short for Hemingway) for the love and affection he gives me. He loves “helping me”. Last year it was breaking down boxes on my first 12×12 and this year he is helping me “declutter” and do some pre-spring cleaning. One of his favorite things to do is to join my Zoom calls – so if you work with me or join one of my courses, you are likely to meet him.



3. Decluttering

Speaking of decluttering – here is my very first pass at it. That represents about 1/3 of my basement storage and I am on a mission to do more.
In fact, I am on a mission to get rid of most of the contents of my house, so if you live in Switzerland and you need anything – reach out!
I am so grateful to be getting rid of stuff – it is freeing and it feels good to know that some of these things can find new life elsewhere.
I am also grateful to my husband, from whom I am separated, for helping me for no other reason than to be kind.


4. Putting new things out into the world

This month I launched my first FB Ad and also my free, Beta Course about helping women level up their businesses through business systems which utilize automation and AI (artificial intelligence). If you are interested to learn more about this course – you can check it out here: www.jpkaulmann.com/luwai/


5. Birthdays

I celebrated another birthday this year with going to see Avatar in 4dx (yes we got sprayed with water and blasts of air and the seats moved!!!): We also enjoyed our doughnut birthday tradition and the universe blessed me with an incredible, painted sky.

There is only one word that can sum up so many blessings: blessed. And for that I am immensely grateful.


6. Simple Pleasures

This past weekend I went to a local restaurant just across the border in German. We have been regulars since we used to live in Weil am Rhein. In fact, we were going there when my almost 12 year old was still in my belly.  I absolutely love this place. They have the best food, the coolest owners and a fabulous terrace. It is good to find joy and gratitude in the simple pleasures of delicious food, a fully belly and great company.


7. Murals

I live in one of the most artistic cities in world. This is painted on a random wall in my neighborhood. We pass it every time we go to take a walk by the Wiese (a small tributary river to the Rhein). I love art. I love architecture. I blame my grandparents who introduced me to the world of art at a young age.
Actually, I don’t blame them, I thank them. The same as the city where I grew up. It has a huge art scene that is one of the world’s best kept secrets. I secretly think we like it that way.
But art, creativity and imagination are unique traits that we can be grateful for.


8. The Kindness of Others

My daughter regularly leaves her things on the floor, much to my dismay. But this time I didn’t mind so much as she wanted to leave her kitty a nice comfy place to sleep.
She has a heart of gold, this child. I feel lucky to have been entrusted with her keep and do my best to shepherd her gently into adulthood.


9. Lange Erlen

Lange Erlen is basically a free Zoo in the city where I live. We have been going here together since my daughter was born. And we always make new friends.
My daughter is truly the animal whisperer, especially when it comes to small woodland creatures. The come to her and are never afraid.
This one we named the Mischievous Mr. Flops.


10. “God’s House”

On the other side of the Rhein River from my cabin is the bath town of Bad Säckingen. It has been one of my very favorite places to spend time since moving to this region.
Whenever we come here we have to go to the Munster – which my daughter christened “God’s House” when she was two years old.
I am not really sure why – maybe I called it a “House of God” or maybe Church was just two hard for a two year old to say. But it stuck, like Peanut Butter to the roof of your mouth.
And now when ever we call it that – I think about that little girl – and get a smile on my face. Because it is God’s House and it is magnificent.
I am not super religious, though I am a woman of faith. We light a candle for those we love, and those for whom we wish to send blessings, every time we visit.
For sanctuaries where you can find stillness and peace, I am extremely grateful.


11. Vincent Van Gogh and Sunflowers

I am a Linguist and an Innovator by studies. but while I was at University I took enough Art History classes that I probably could have gotten an Art degree with another semester or two. I used up so, so many of my elective courses on Art. The impressionists and post-impressionists were my favorite eras. And my favorite artist of all was Van Gogh.
Something about his style. Something about the way his mind ticked. Something that called out to me like an old familiar feeling.
I am a Kansas girl. Our state flower is the Sunflower. I understand him – there is something about it that just gets in the blood and when you love Sunflowers – it is such a part of you.
The Sunflower belongs to Van Gogh and to Kansans everywhere. And for that I am grateful.


12. Kansas

I am grateful to be a Kansan. I haven’t lived there for 17 years, but being from there is such a part of who I am.
My grandma was a Rosier the Riveter. My family conquered the plains to farm and homestead and then we stayed and through the generations became city folk.
We love our apple pie, big blue skies, our sunflowers and our Kansas City Chiefs.
And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention them because they are playing in the Super Bowl tonight (for the Europeans – it is the Ami version of the World Cup).
Since I am in Europe – I am grateful for commercials and the half-time show replays on YouTube.
Let’s Go Chiefs!!!!



I hope you enjoyed this slight glimpse into my life.
I look forward to sharing more 12x12s with you this year.

If you want to see past 12x12s – you can view them here: 12x12s

big hugs,


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